Specialized TDS Course in Tally Prime

The specialisation course on TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) covers step-by-step instructions starting from Fundamentals to Practical of TDS including Basic Concepts, Various TDS Process, TDS on Expenses at Lower, Zero and Higher Rate, TDS on Work Contracts attracting GST, TDS on Income from Foreign Currency, Generating TDS Challan (ITNS 281), TDS Reports – Form and eFiling Form 26Q, Form 27Q.

Specialized TDS Course in Tally Prime : Video Preview

The course is enriched with numerous real life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations and solved illustrations oTallyPrime

Course Curriculum

How to calculate TDS Preview 1 Videos
Different Forms of TDS Returns Preview 1 Videos
Penalty provision for Non- Deduction of TDS Preview 0 Videos
How Do I Know how much TDS has deducted Preview 1 Videos
Can I Request tax deductor not to deduct tax Preview 1 Videos
How to Apply for TDS Refund? Preview 1 Videos
What is the Applicability of TDS? Preview 1 Videos
What are the TDS Rules? Preview 1 Videos
TDS Quiz Video Preview 1 Videos
What is TDS Preview 1 Videos
What is TAN Preview 1 Videos
What is TDS Certificate Preview 1 Videos
When TDS Should be deducted Preview 1 Videos