How can I generate e way bill under GST?

There are sure earlier conditions that are required to be satisfied for producing an E Way bill charge for any method of age.

The E Way bill charge entrance gives a lucid door to produce E Way bill charges (single and also solidified choices), refresh vehicle number on the as of now created charge, cancelation of E-Way charges, Rejection of E Way Bills, and so on.

There are two methods of producing the E Way bill

1.  On the web-based entry

2.  By means of SMS

There are sure earlier conditions that are required to be satisfied for producing an E Way bill charge for any method of age. These pre-requirements are:

·  The individual ought to be enlisted in the E Way bill charge entrance.

·  The bill/receipt/challan of the related transfer of merchandise ought to be close by.

·  The transporter ID or the vehicle number ought to be available in the event that the vehicle is by street.

·  On the off chance that the vehicle is to be finished by rail, ship or air, the moved ID, Transport record number and the date ought to be said in the report

Here is a well-ordered guide which will enable you in creating E Way bill to charge on the web:

Step 1: Login to E way bill
web system

Enter your Username, password and then enter the Captcha code. Click on login

Step 2: Under the 'e-Way bill' alternative, that shows up on the left-hand side of the dashboard, tap on 'Create new' starting from the drop list.

Step 3: Enter the accompanying fields on the screen that shows up:

Transaction Type:

  a) If you are the provider of the consignment, select 'Outward'

  b) If you are the beneficiary of the consignment, select 'Internal'

  c) Select the significant sub-type under 'Outward' or 'Internal', whatever you have chosen, which applies to you.

Document Type: Select possibly one from Invoice/charge/challan/credit note/bill of passage. Select 'others' if the report you have isn't recorded there.

Document Number: Enter the document or the invoice number.

Document Date: You should choose the date of the invoice/challan/document, here.

From/ To: Contingent upon whether you are a provider or a beneficiary, enter the To/From segment points of interest.

Note: On the off chance that the provider/customer is unregistered, at that point specify 'URP' in the field GSTIN, showing that the provider/customer is an 'Unregistered Person'.

Item Details: Include the HSN code-wise points of interest of the relegation in this segment.

a)  Product name

b) Description

c) HSN

d) Quantity

e) Unit

f) Value/ Taxable value

g) Tax rates of CGST/ SGST/ IGST in %

h) Tax rate of Cess in % (if any)

Transporter Details: In this area, the method of transport of products (road/rail/air/sheep) and the inexact separation shrouded in kilometers ought to be specified.

Aside from this, both of the points of interest given underneath can be specified:

a) Transporter name

b) Transporter ID

c) Transporter Document no. also, Date

Or on the other hand

d) Vehicle number (just in case of Road)

Step 4: Tap on 'Submit'. The framework approves information entered and hurls a mistake assuming any.

Something else, your demand is handled and the e-route charge in Form EWB-01 shape with an exceptional 12 digit number is created.

The e way bill charge created.
Print and convey the e way bill charge for transporting the merchandise in the chose method of transport and the chose movement.

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