12 Things You Should Consider Before Joining Tally Course

Tally ERP 9 is a simple yet powerful software and it is developed based on the Accounting Principles and Mercantile Law.

What is Tally?

A tally is an accounting software 

It is used for maintaining business and personal accounts.

Tally is used for Daily Accounting, Balance sheet finalization, Inventory Maintenance, generating reports and tax filling and so on…

Features of Tally is,

Accounting without codes,
Comprehensive Coverage,
Interest Calculation
Cost/Profit Center
Number of Companies
Security Control
Printing of Various Documents
Import/Export Data

Tally has a different versions that is,

Tally 4.5 for DOS-based Programs
Tally 5.4 for Graphic Interface Version
Tally 6.3 for Supported printing and VAT implemented
Tally 7.2 for new statutory compliant features
Tally 8.1 for a module of POS and Payroll was added
Tally 9 it has advanced features like Excise, Payroll, FBT, TDS
Tally 9 ERP in this provides range of reports and advanced features for auditors.

Tally.ERP 9 Released 6 is a way of breaking innovation in the field of,

Post dated cheque management,
Data synchronization and
Product updates

Tally.ERP 9 is an advanced Accounting Software

It is Designed and Developed by Tally Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Tally Solutions is a Bangalore based IT Solution Company

Accounting process is carried out mechanically through instructions given by the user with the selection of graphically represented information of computer screen.

Tally ERP 9 is a simple yet powerful software and it is developed based on the Accounting Principles and Mercantile Law. 

It is a Computer-based Accounting Software and it is designed using the TDL Language.

It supports,

Book keeping
Statutory & Taxation

Tally.ERP 9 having the following features,

User friendly computerized accounting software

Multi lingual

You Can maintain books of account with inventory or without inventory

You Can work with multiple company accounts simultaneously

You Can get offline and online support

It can be installed in any version of Windows OS like NT, 2000, ME, 95, 98, XP, 7 Ultimate, Vista, Windows 8. Etc.

Alternative Software for Tally?

Yes, there are lot of software, that alternative for Tally

That is,

NetSuite ERP – Best Quality in this is Finance and Accounting, Billing, Revenue Recognition

Brightpearl – Best Quality in this is Management of Inventory, Real-time inventory updates, Retail accounting

Sage Intacct – Best Quality in this is Multi-entity management and global consolidations, Project Accounting, Time and expense management

Xero – Best Quality in this is Asset Management, Bank reconciliation, Contacts and Smart lists

Sage One -  Best Quality in this is Collaborate and Share, Anywhere, Anytime, Super Easy

Zoho Books – Best Quality in this is Automated workflows, Bank Reconciliation, Custom invoices

Sage ERP – Best Quality in this is Complete robust financial applications, Integrated Manufacturing , Warehouse Management and inventory management

QuickBooks – Best Quality in this is Accounting Software, Invoicing Software, Cloud-based

Sage 50 – Best Quality in this is Outlook Connector, Cloud Back-up, Microsoft Office Business Premium

Fresh Books – Best Quality in this is Invoicing Software, Expenses tracking, Time Tracking.

There should be many more but these are the most popular

How much does a tally software cost?

Tally.ERP 9 – Silver – Single User Edition, Cost is Rupees 18,000/- (Excluding GST)

Tally.ERP 9 – Gold – Gold User Edition, Cost is Rupees 54,000/- (Excluding GST)

Shoper 9 – Cost is Rupees 6,00/- Onwards (Excluding GST)

Tally.Developer 9 – Cost is Rupees 9,000/- Onwards (Excluding GST)

Tally.Server 9 – Cost is Rupees 2,70,000/- (Excluding GST)

Can I used tally software for free?

There are two versions of Tally,

One is paid which is licensed version and 

The other is the educational version which is free of cost.

But there are certain limitations of the free version that is,

Multi Account Printing in Tally.ERP 9 is not available in Free Version

In the Free Version of Tally, there is No Bank Reconciliation by automatically

Data Synchronization and Remote Access to Tally Data not available in free version.

Also, you can use the free Tally software on a specific dates 

This is one of the cleverest restriction set by the Tally

Why is Tally called ERP?

Firstly we discussed what is ERP?

ERP Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning

It is a type of business process management software.

ERP Software is developed to help business and save the employees time and avoid making errors

The use of ERP service it increases the overall efficiency of your company

The ERP software will help you eliminate manual operations, easily collect data and streamline business processes within the company.

So, normally tally before adding ERP to it, is just a software to maintain accounting ledgers and other small benefits.

After adding ERP into the tally, “tally remote access”, these main features come out in the market 

It helps the company to have a single tally account and maintain centralizes account. 

So that you can be accessed the tally software anytime and anywhere.  

Another feature in Tally ERP 9 is, we can maintain records of all those different units in the single integrated file 

This is useful for the company to reduce time in decision making and other management work.

How will learning tally help your career?

Tally ERP 9 with GST software is the most simple and powerful 

accounting software in the current technologies 

Doing a Tally Course will definitely enrich your career 

Currently, as there is a lot of demand for Tally skilled professionals in accounting, taxation, inventory, finance and data integrity.

There are a huge number of job opportunities available in Tally in accounting field after the GST 

Some job profiles are,

Internal Auditor
Compliance Executive
Financial Analyst
Staff Accountant
External Auditor
Chartered Accountant 

Learning Tally Course no need to have any other qualification, but just have a graduate degree would be needed

For more details on learning Tally Course Visit 


TallyeLearning Provides 3 Tally Course

1.  Tally with GST Basic Course - Paid
2.  Tally with GST Advanced Course – Paid
3.  Fundamentals of Tally – Free

In these Tally course covers,

Introduction of the tally,
Accounting on computers with step by step explained,
Tally fundaments
Tally Features and
The functionalities.

The Duration of the Tally course is 3 months

The Basic and Advanced Tally course fees are Rupees 1800/- for each Tally course

So, if you have a good knowledge and interest of accounts then you can do this Tally Course.

Any Recent Updates in Tally Software?

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 is the latest upgrade software for business, is launched on Feb 2018

Released 6.4, the two important needs of our customer.

One is E-Way bill management and another is GST Compliance for composite dealers.

1.E-Way Bill Management –  The important Benefits of E-Way Bill Management

Generate e-way bills quickly

Create e-way bills for single or multiple invoices

Create e-way bills for different business scenarios

Generate Consolidated e-way bill

2.GST Compliance for composite Dealers – The Important Benefits of GST

Configure tax rate in a single step

Segregate taxable, nil rated and exempted sales

Record your purchases in the right manner

Manage Reverse charge transaction

Generate and Print Bill of Supply

File GSTR-4 using Tally.ERP9

If you know more about E-Way Bill Management and GST Compliance for composite Dealers, then, go through Tally Course on TallyeLearning Website

Does traditional coaching is the best way to learn tally?

There is no substitute for classroom Tally course, where you can ask your doubts.

Tally Course Coaching is not about completing the syllabus it's about understanding the concepts.

In traditional Tally course, students can connect with teachers in additional hours.

Students can be asked their doubts to the concerned person without any delay

Teachers can open talks on most recent news and updates

In the Traditional Tally Course, the interaction cannot be one-to-one as you will be one among many students.

Online Tally course training is also good for the students who want to learn from their home.

Online Tally course  are regularly less expensive than classroom training

Most online Tally Courses are self-guided.

Content in Tally Course can be downloaded in an online course

In the Online, Tally Course is convenient for those who work a full-time job.

In the Online, there is no travel time is waste.

In the Online Tally Course, tests, live test, useful assignments are directed for assessment which brings about brick and precise outcomes.

Can I know how to operate on a tally by reading tally books?

The Best way to learn tally through tally books

You can learn tally from these ideal books, that are,

A Comprehensive Self Learning book on Tally.ERP 9  and
Implementing GST in Tally.ERP 9 

These tally books are how to use tally efficiently

Numerous Practical Lessons with the answers and Step by step procedures and a number of real-life cases have been included in the Tally Book for effective learning

The ideal approach to learn tally is doing your own particular accounting.

These tally books are to furnish students with inside and out understandings of money related accounting on Tally.ERP 9

In these tally books, there are various screenshots, comprehended representations, and practice situations.

These tally books are for those students who want to try to construct a fruitful journey in Finance and Accounts.

Learning tally is not going to be difficult. 

You will learn it better when you start using it practically

Its some basics of accounts and methodology of operation.

How can I become expert in tally?

You have 2 options to become expert in tally

One is Join Tally Course rather it is online or offline or
Read Tally Books

To become expert in tally, firstly you have a little bit knowledge about accounting

But you need to practice a lot for expert in tally and you have to be very focus

Become an Expert in Tally, Firstly you should go through the tally syllabus

Which topics are going to covered in Tally

That are,

Basic Accounting,
Accounting principles,
Journal Entries
Ledger Accounts
Trail balance
Bills of Exchange
Profit & Loss Account
Balance sheet
Service Tax
& So on…

Read tally books, which explained procedures by step by step basis
With Screenshots and Solved problems

Also you can join Best Tally course in the recognized Institute

What are the levels of becoming a Tally Expert?

Tally Course Certification is a must to set the benchmark your professional knowledge in a competitive as well as dynamic market,
So it’s important to make sure your Tally Course certifications are up-to-date.

Keep your skill set sharp and updated

Most of the Tally course Certificates are valid only for two years.

Tally Course Certification has improved the Career path and develop your Accounting Skill

The skills and knowledge you gain by becoming certified, you will get a confidence and you will improve your career security.

If you expand your skill in the tally, so you will definitely unlock opportunities and get successied  

Being Tally Course certified provides you will get the advantage for individuals and organizations to meet the Industrial standards.

Have a Tally Course certificate from any institute other than TallyeLearning, which is not considered as a valid certificate.

Want to simply wish to upgrade their credentials for promotions and better jobs

TallyeLearning Provide two Tally Course Certifications. That is,

Tally with GST Basic
Tally with GST Advanced

Get a Certificate on one or more topics of Tally & Accounting and prove your credentials!

First, register yourself at the TallyeLearning Official Website.

Enter your Basic Details, that are, You First Name, Last Name, Valid Email id, Enter the password, Valid Contact number, City and State

After successfully login, you will go to order details

Make a payment by Credit card/ Debit Card/ NetBanking

Kindly provide the payment details in the "Payment details box"

After successful the payment you can go through your course

After completion of the course you have to go through one test 

After that you will get certification form TallyeLearning

These are the levels of become expert in tally 

Why most of the businesses use tally software?

Tally is the most used accounting software in India for the business and personal used

Because of its simplicity of functions, it is very simple to do accounting in Tally 

Because of its ease of Control, most of the business owners demands for this tally software

At Very genuine cost, there is a scope of Customization in Tally according to your business requirements.

You can easily check and maintain the record of your purchase and sale for any specific customers. 

With very basic knowledge of accounts (credit and debit), one can start to manage their financial activities almost immediately.

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